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Welcome to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) interactive webpage for the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization.

The HRTPO TIP is a four-year program for the implementation of surface transportation projects in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Planning Area. The program includes all federally-funded and/or regionally significant transportation projects.

Download the FY 2015-2018 HRTPO Transportation Improvement Program document. (as of 11/19/2015)
The TIP Interactive Project Map provides a user-friendly tool to locate and learn more about TIP projects.
Download the FY 2015-2018 HRTPO TIP Revision List. (as of 11/19/2015)


Associated documents are also available for download in PDF format:

HRTPO Approval of TIP, Certification of Planning and Programming Process and Accomplishments Report

TIP Revision Procedures

TIP Revision Calendar

Virginia TIP Preparation Guidance

The previous FY 2012-2015 TIP is also available for download in PDF format:

FY 2012 – 2015 HRTPO Transportation Improvement Program (as of 9/18/2014)

FY 2012 – 2015 List of TIP Revisions (as of 9/18/2014)



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail us your comments or call us at (757) 420-8300.