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Public Participation

Welcome to the Hampton Roads Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) website. We're happy you're here and hope you spend some time discovering what the TIP has to offer and why it matters to your life as a citizen of this region. Far from being a static document that sits on the shelf and collects dust, the TIP is dynamic, changing, and at the end of the day, represents a Hampton Roads in motion. The TIP is not a collection of proposed projects and initiatives. Instead, the TIP is a budget for projects that are consistent with the transportation policies and strategies of our region. The difference with the TIP is ACTION.

The TIP is literally and figuratively where the rubber meets the road. If in the TIP, it means that some of our most desperately needed road, transit, and bicycle/pedestrian projects are no longer just a concept. They are being planned, designed, and/or built throughout our region.

It is for this reason we've developed an interactive map of projects. At some point, one or more of the projects featured in the TIP will likely affect the way you and your neighbors move around. We believe this information should be easily accessible, up-to-date, and at your fingertips. The interactive project map does just that. However you choose to use this information, it is our sincerest hope that we've produced a high-quality resource that's of value to you and the region itself.

So, browse around and stay awhile. We always welcome your feedback and ask that if you have any suggestions on how we might make this tool better in the future, please take the survey found on the front page of the TIP site or contact Kendall Miller, our Public Involvement and Title VI Administrator, at or 757.420.8300.

Again, thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you at an upcoming HRTPO meeting or other event! For a closer connection to the HRTPO, consider signing up to receive our eNewsletter or following us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also learn what other opportunities are available to you in engaging with the HRTPO by reviewing the HRTPO Public Participation Plan.


 * Meetings of the HRTPO Board and its advisory committees are open to the public.