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Revising the TIP

A TIP revision is a change that is made between full updates of the TIP. The TIP is regularly revised to account for changes associated with the projects in the TIP, as well as to account for additions and deletions of projects. There are two types of TIP revisions – Amendment and Administrative Modifications. The TIP Revision Procedures document details the procedures to be followed for submitting a request for a TIP revision.

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An amendment involves a major change to a project in the TIP. A TIP amendment requires an opportunity for review and comment by the public. A revision request that involves any of the following items must be processed as an amendment:

  • Addition or deletion of a project
  • Major changes in project cost
  • Major changes in project/phase initiation dates
  • Major changes in design concept or design scope
  • Any change that requires a new air quality conformity determination
  • Any change that requires re-demonstration of fiscal constraint
Administrative Modifications

An administrative modification involves a minor change to the TIP. An administrative modification does not require public review and comment, re-demonstration of fiscal constraint, or a new air quality conformity determination.

The following are examples of items that may be processed as administrative modifications:

  • Minor changes in project/phase costs
  • Minor changes to funding sources of previously-included projects
  • Minor changes to project/phase initiation dates
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